A little bit about me and my writing

I grew up in an insular, sheltered community. I went to an elementary school which taught in Yiddish. I learnt to read English at age 11 and began writing at age 13. And since then I haven’t stopped. My notebooks throughout my school years are sprinkled with bits of stories. They may be written in the margins, between lines of notes, or taking up full pages. When I’m feeling nostalgic I go back and flip through those notebooks and I remember what I was feeling and thinking in those years.
I’ve always written for myself. To express my thoughts, to calm my emotions when they are stormy, to expand my imagination. I walk down the street and what I see becomes a story and the people I interact with become the characters. If only they knew what I created for them…
Now, though, I’ve decided to share those thoughts and emotions with you. I’m giving you a glimpse of my soul. These are my creations. Enjoy them, treat them with respect, and learn from them.

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