G-d’s Star

I slowly walked along the water’s edge, lost in thought. White waves crashed against the rock, pulled back, and crashed against them once again. The moon glowed, eerily reflected in the black waters. I sat down on the damp sand, absently running my fingers through it, oblivious to the wetness. I closed my eyes and let two tears trickle out.
It was all so beautiful. It was as if G-d had set up this scene just for me, as if he was waiting for me to grasp it in my fist and never let go. I opened my eyes and let it resonate within me. The white foaming waves contrasting against the glistening black waters that stretch unseen, endless, into the horizon. The moon, a yellow-white orb, hanging in the sky, surrounded by glittering stars.
Vast. It was the first word that came to me. Vast and open, for miles, just me and the water. I felt a powerful tug in the region of my heart. Just me, the water, and G-d I ammended. What is this all for? G-d, why did you create this? For me?
I leaned back until I was stretched out flat on the sand, staring up at the milky-way glimmering down at me. So many stars. So many billions of stars it’s impossible to count. Again, I felt a knock at my soul. Like the Jewish people. G-d promised Abraham that his children would be as numerous as the stars and the sand.I sat up with a start, dug my fingers into the sand, and lifted up a handful. So many tiny grains of sand just in the palm of my hand. They can never be counted. Like the Jews. And here I was one tiny Jew, a speck amongt millions of others. But I’m a star. I give forth light, I can illuminate the world even as a grain of sand.  

So it wasn’t just random that I was at a lonesome beach late one night. G-d was giving me a message. No matter where I may be I am G-d’s star and with every action that I do I illuminate the world.

Posted on October 14, 2010, in Beach. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. 😀
    beautiful sarale.

  2. Sarale,
    This is beautiful… If I can, I would like to mail this to my grandmother who is out in California.. I miss her so much. I think it will touch her.
    Amazing Writing…
    Thanks for the inspiration and sharing!

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